8 Week Foundation Course

A Warm Welcome From Born To Run


Welcome Message

Hello, I’m Angela Day and welcome to your Born to Run 8 Week, proven effective, CCA Foundation course.

I am delighted that you have chosen us to begin this wonderful journey with your dog. 

As your dogs personal trainer I will help you transform your dogs muscular health over the next 8 weeks.

Did you know poor core health is at epidemic proportions in our nations dogs? 

Well, it came as a huge shock to me too.

By signing up for this course you are at the forefront of a ground-breaking and evidence based 8 week programme which will not only change how you look at your dog but also how you approach their exercise regime – forever!   

I’ve been a massage practitioner for over 5 years working with dogs of all breeds, ages and abilities. 

I’m a Canine Massage Guild Member, Member of the International Association of Animal Therapists, I’m a Licensed Canine Conditioning Academy Coach and I’m also licensed to deliver massage workshops on behalf of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing phenomenal changes manifest in clinic from the dogs with unknown neurological issues or severe chronic arthritis being able to walk again and in much less or no pain,  cruciate and patellar luxation operation candidates no longer requiring surgery and grade 5 agility dogs finally making it to grade 7 or those show dogs finally making it to the podium on the green carpet.

However, I wasn’t able to help any of those dogs rebuild their muscle in a gentle and sustainable way with massage.  So, I decided that I wanted to proactively help dogs. 

Yes I know, that’s counterproductive to running a massage business where most of my clients are injured or have musculoskeletal health issues.   

My mission is to help as many dogs as I can with affordable, sustainable, treatments and programmes and to do this I needed to get to the root or the “core” of the problem.   

During my training with the Canine Conditioning Academy, I was shocked at the significantly high proportion of dogs I see with the indicators of a weak core.  (including my own dogs I might add). 

What I wasn’t prepared for was that under assessment I rarely see a dog with a strong core.  In the case of my patients, the number of assessed dogs with a weak core was over 95% – and I treat some very ‘fit’ dogs. 

The sad fact is that if a dog’s core muscles are ineffective other muscles will compensate, overwork, spasm, and strain (tear).  There will be uneven loading on joints and so impacting joint health too. 

So, just following this programme could change the course of your dog’s musculoskeletal health forever.  There are so many facets to CCA core conditioning – sports science, canine anatomy, and the science of dog movement, and of course the exercises themselves.  We will break these down over 8 weeks.

Core fitness & conditioning as developed by the Canine Conditioning Academy strengthens your dog’s core muscles improving gait, posture,  balance, mental and physical agility, strength, focus, coordination, flexibility, and endurance.

Your Promise to Your Dog.

This course does require a huge commitment from you to your dog and so I would like you to make them a promise.  A promise to stick with the programme, complete the homework as set and I, in turn, promise you a different dog at the end of this.  

Whether you are a pet dog owner or have a competition, working or show dog, you have the potential to change the course of your dog’s muscular and joint health. 

I cannot wait to see the evolution of change and to see your revitalised dog at the end of this course. 

Because when they feel good they live their best life!

Let’s head over to the next section where I prepare you for the next 8 weeks!

Course Curriculum

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Week 8 - Final Assessment