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  1. Students must be aged 18 or over
  2. You acknowledge that you have dog handling experience and your dog can demonstrate a sit, stand & down.
  3. You are prohibited from copying the Course Materials for distribution, sale, publication or use by any third party including the internet or for any reason not expressly permitted
  4. Check with CCA to request permission to use any materials.
  5. This term and condition shall survive the termination or expiry of this contract.
  6. You are prohibited from making any use of any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for any reason, both during the Contract and following termination of the Contract. This Clause shall survive the termination or expiry of this contract.
  7. You are prohibited from teaching or sharing this modality.
  8. You understand that the materials and the programmes are for your use, for your registered dog only.



        I hereby apply to participate in the 8 week CCA Canine Conditioning Programme.

        I understand:

        • I will be exercising my dog in a new way, that these exercises can be very tiring and my dog will only be working for short periods at a time.
        • It is my responsibility to ensure my dog is in good condition, and not lame without a diagnosis.
        • Your coach will be keeping a close eye on your dog, however, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure your dog’s welfare needs are being met at all times.
        • Please discuss your dog’s specific needs with the instructor before attending.
        • The training developed by the Canine Conditioning Academy (CCA) and delivered by your Licensed Coach ANGELA DAY is canine conditioning only.
        • ANGELA DAY, your Coach will be giving you exercises to do at home with your own dog, specifically the dog you registered to participate.
        • Passing these exercises to dogs who have not been assessed by ANGELA DAY may cause injury and pain.
        • We strictly request you do not pass these programmes or exercises to any other person or group.
        • These programmes, the warm-up, cool-down, exercises, and methodologies are the Intellectual Property of the Canine Conditioning Academy.
        • CCA does not state or imply that any of the practices or techniques derived/learned from our programmes are for rehabilitation from injury or surgery.
        • These exercises are not designed to replace veterinary medicine, animal physiotherapy or any other therapeutic discipline.